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Hey everyone,

I have a Pioneer VSX-818V and the subwoofer cuts out. If I move the RCA cable, it will sometimes come back on but only for a short amount of time. I thought the jack might have bad solder connections so I opened the case to take a look. The Jack seems to be secure and I used a multimeter to check resistance and found very minimal (cheap multimeter so .03 is the same reading I get when the two leads are connected together).

The pre-out/swubwoofer RCA jack is a little different than I'm used to. It has two leads coming out of the back of it. If nothing is plugged in, I read no resistance between the interior of the jack and the two leads coming out of the back. But if I plug in an RCA cable, the lead that comes out of the back and is soldered to the board where there is a lead labeled (SW) is no longer connected. The unlabeled lead still shows connectivity I wasn't sure how this is set up to work but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Does the RCA jack need to have both the leads running to the RCA jack and did plugging them in and removing them stretch the leads inside the jack so there is no longer a connection between the jack and the (SW) line on the board?

I'm at work for now but I can take it apart when I get home and send in some pics. I have average knowledege of electronics and what not but I am reaching out of my skill level a little bit looking at this.

Top down view drawn as best as I can at work from memory

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