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Hey guys, I need some help. So I've had this receiver for years. It's hooked up to my Klipsche 5.1 surround sound and haven't any issues up until lately.

To give u a better idea of my setup, I'll tell u have I have hooked up.

I have my PS3, Xbox 360, and DVR all hooked up via HDMI input to the receiver. The output HDMI is going to my TV. I also have my Mac mini hooked up to the second HDMI port on my tv. The audio for my Mac mini is being broadcasted via my receiver with an aux cable.

A few weeks ago my Aux input decides to not work from time to time. I have to unplug the aux cable from the receiver and replug it back in. Sometimes that doesn't even work so I just wait a few days till it randomly decides to work again.

Today, I decided to hook up my Wii via component. I unplugged all the hdmi cables to make room for my hand so I can pug in the component cables from the wii, and the cable going from the receiver to the tv (for video.)

I plugged everything back in, and shoved the receiver back into it it's cubby hole and tested everything out. Everything was fine except I had no audio on any of the inputs that use hdmi, just video. I can get audio AND video with my Mac mini and wii because they both are not using hdmi for sound. Some turned the receiver off and turned it back on and everything seemed to be working.

I left for a few hours, and when I come back I notice that I'm having the same issue again with the hdmi devices. The crazy thing is, if I turn my receiver on, and keep my tv off, I get audio, but as soon as I turn my tv on, the audio cuts out and I get video. It's like the receiver doesn't

Have enough power to do both. And I'm assuming it's not the cables due to them working individually.

Any suggestions?
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