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Pioneer vsx-819h issue. How do I get the on screen display for iPod and setup

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Well this is one of the few issues I've been having with my new receiver. I went throgh the manual and can't figure it out.

On about the second page when you do your calibration setting with the mic it says once you press --receiver-- then the settings button a on screen display should pop up on your tv. I don't know if I missed something but I can not get the on screen display

I'm having the same problem with the iPod. I can navigate through the LCD on the receiver but nothing pops up on my tv. Any ideas?
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Have you hooked up component or composite cables from your receiver to the tv? I know that some receivers require you to have one or the other for the onscreen menu...even if you use HDMI for everything else.
Yes, the 819 will only output the OSD over composite or component, not over HDMI (silly restriction IMO, and much too confusing for people; they'd have been better off simply leaving out the OSD). Just a suggestion: I'd trade in the 819 for a 919 or a 1019 if you can find one. I believe both of those will do the OSD over HDMI (and the 1019 has a superior OSD as well I believe).
Yes, it is silly. I returned my 819 for that reason. It was a pain to keep all the cables hanging and then plugging them in everytime I wanted to access the OSD.
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Can you watch tv(ps3) thru the HDMI connection while playing music on an IPOD or flash drive?

Originally Posted by nikknightt /forum/post/17049133

Can you watch tv(ps3) thru the HDMI connection while playing music on an IPOD or flash drive?

I forgot to subscribe this thread.
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