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2 weeks ago I bought a VSX-819H-K And can't get it to produce Stereo in 5.1 Surr.when watching non-HDTV stations The manual says that pressing Auto/Direct,making AUTO SURROUND appear in the display,which it does. it also says that the decoding,or playback format shows. It does not.

Pressing "Auto/Direct" gives me Stereo only (L/R). When it's supposed to give Stereo Surr. On the same page of the manual(pg.33) "Listening In Surround" says if the source is Dolby Digital,it will be processed in common 5.1 sound formats. The display says the incoming signal is Dolby Digital(Dolby Stereo?) Choosing Dolby PLII Movie, puts out sound from the Center Ch. only.

My old receiver (Yamaha HTR-6040) played incoming stereo signals in 5.1 Surr. So, how can I get my new receiver to give me 5.1 from Stereo sources (Non-HD TV,and FM Radio,and other Stereo sources?) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. Any tips on other Threads,and sites that could help me with my problem. And Pioneer set-up issues in-general would be greatly appreciated too!

Pm me or e-mail [email protected]

My System:

1. Olevia 747i LCD TV

2. Pioneer VSX-819H-K A/V Receiver

3. Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray Player

4. Polk RT55 L/R

5. Polk CS400i Center

6. Polk RT f/x Surr.

7. Polk PSW650 Sub

8. XBOX 360

9. Cables/Connections All Monster to speakers. HDMI to/from components.
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