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Hi - Can not get this to work no matter what I do. Any help?

Epson PowerLite 8350 with HDMI 1 and 2 inputs.

Pioneer VSX-820 Receiver. HDMI inputs for BD, DVD, TV/SAT, and DVR/VCR and one HDMI out

Pioneer Blu Ray

XBOX 360 slim with optical out, HDMI out and component (but must use xbox cable for this)

Let me start by saying the set up with the blu ray connected to the reciever in the DVD hdmi port and the hdmi out to the projector worked like a charm for about 2 months. Then all of a sudden we only got sound and no picture, so i went directly from the blue ray to the projector with HDMI and red/white audio cables from the blu ray to the receiver for sound. That worked well for another month or so, and then it stopped all together. I figured it was the blue ray but didnt have any other hdmi components to test with. The blue ray does work if I connect it using component cables directly to a TV. Just bought an xbox 360 slim. The xbox also works when connecting to the TV directly using component cables. My projector is mounted on ceiling with only an HDMI to where the receiver and XBOX are. It does not appear this receiver can use component from the xbox or blue ray and then HDMI to the projector, so here's what I have tried:

1) xbox to projector using hdmi - Picture displays but no sound. Added optical audio to receiver but no sound (but this may be my problem...I've tried to change all the inputs but I can find any xbox sound)...what input do you use on the receiver to only take in the optical sound when there is no video port being used? The manual only addresses changing the audio when sung a hdmi input

2) xbox to receiver (all of the hdmi inputs listed above), receiver to projector using out hdmi on receiver - Projector says "Source: HDMI 1 no signal" I've tried to the HDMI2 input on the projector too...same result. xbox sound comes through when I use inputs (BD, DVD, TV/SAT). No sound when I use input DVR/VCR. I've been told the labels mean nothing so why doesnt won of these work?

3) I've cycled all components on off and started thenm in different orders

4) I have also rest the receiver settings to factory defaults (thinking the kids may have messed somethig up).

Any ideas? Seems like a receiver issue or setting and or a Blu Ray issue Why do I get picture or sound with the xbox but not the blue ray? Also, shouldn't I be able to rune red/white audio cables out of the blue ray into the receiver and be able to atleast hear sound? I get nothing. The xbox does not have red/white jacks for sound output.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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