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I have a Pioneer VSX-822-k which has been great for about a year; however, more recently, if I turn it on after a few hours, I have video, but no sound. I have to switch to another input (game), then swap back to video (Mac Mini + Chrome + Plex Media Server). This trick worked ok for a few weeks, but then that wasn't cutting it, so I would have to repeat the process several times, or turn the receive off then back on. It seems almost random now if it properly connects to broadcast audio. Making the issue even more frustrating is that 80% of the time I switch the input away from Video, it causes Chrome on my MacMini to crash, so I have to go through a few steps to get it reopened and playing some sort of video to check and see if the audio is working yet.


Other relevant details:


1. I don't imagine it could be the HDMI cable - with no moving parts, I don't see how it could cause a random effect like this (but could I be wrong?)

2. I would guess that the issue is with the receiver; but I don't know much about audio, nor do I even have a clue if this is a decent quality one or not.

3. It never cuts out while watching something. It's usually after coming back to the system the following evening (we leave everything on - TV shuts off automatically, and Mac Mini goes on standby)


Open to suggestions on what to do (even if that includes getting a new receiver).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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