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Pioneer VSX-822 problem

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Hi everyone, I'm new to AVS but i've been around other sites for years. I'll post an intoduction thread about myself later. For now I'm humbly asking for some help with this receiver. In my dedicated theater room I have a pretty nice setup but in my bedroom/office/sitting room I set up a secondary system with most of the components that have been replaced in the main setup. I decided to replace the old Onkyo TX-DS575x with a new receiver so that i could connect everything via HDMI. I've used Onkyo basically my whole life but got a good deal on the new Pioneer VSX-822 and figured it was a secondary system so why not try something new and I didnt need anything awesome. The first unit seemed to have a problem with the HDMI switcher as everytime it would switch from sources (aka PS3 to cable box or even from an SD channel to an HD channel or from the guide to a new channel) the tv screen would go black and a pop up from the tv would say "no source found." When everything is plugged directly to the tv without the receiver, it's all good. So I returned the Pioneer for a new one thinking it was just the unit. The new one does the exact same thing. So is it really the Pioneer that is the problem or is it something else? I'm not overly happy with the sound of the Pioneer anyway so I'm thinking of just returning it outright and getting an Onkyo 515 or 616 for a couple hundred bucks more, or saving for a new Onkyo for the main rig and demoting the TX-SR875s to secondary use (which would be totally overkill for the room's purpose). What do you think?

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Well no one replied. That's ok. Either way I ended up returning the Pioneer and just getting an optical cable to run from the tv's audio out to the old Onkyo TX-DS575x. Not the best solution but it'll do until I save.

I bought the same reciever last week and have the same problem. Going to return it and find a new reciever.
I just pulled the trigger on a new unit and now I'm concerned it's not a good product, even at $180 .
I just hooked up my pioneer VSX-822 to my JVC LT-42J300 and I am getting the same problem (cannot detect signal). Really upsetting, I had faith in Pioneer, so I'm hoping its something else, but being the third person in this little thread with the same problem, I doubt it is something else.

Its pretty easy to not mess up. HDMI out from receiver to HDMI into the TV.... jeeesh.

C'mon Pioneer... what happened to you?
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