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Had this setup for several years, recently moved (3 months) and had set up at the new place without issues, now getting greatly reduced volume on everything.

Pioneer VSX-822 receiver, Sony Blu Ray, Not certain of the manufacturer of the cable box, and Roku. Last 3 components go HDMI to receiver inputs, and receiver output HDMI to TV. Speakers - B&W center speaker, Klipsch subwoofer, and 2 Polk RTA-12 monitor speakers up front. Monster cable to all these components. I have a couple small speakers hooked to the rear jacks (small, 16ga speaker wire), but don't have them positioned the same way as before. TV is an LG55LV4400. All components had been hooked up & working fine since the move. Old room was about 18x15 with the tv, L&R & Center speakers on the 18' wall, listening about 8-10' from center. New room is about 17x13, with everything in front on the 13' wall.

"Normal" listening volume setting at both old & new house is in the range of 20-24. On something that was 5.1 sound, the volume would be turned up about 10 more "levels" (30-35) to get the same volume as the non-5.1 signals.

All of a sudden yesterday, I've got next to no volume at all, regardless of the signal or the source (DVD, Roku or Cable). I'm having to turn the volume up beyond 40 just to hear what's coming through the center speaker while standing a couple feet away from it. To where my chair is, I have to crank it up to almost 3x the old level (above 55-60) to get similar volume as before (volume goes up to 80). In the 5-6 years I've had it, I rarely (if ever) had the volume beyond 40, which would normally run you out of the room. Went through all the settings to see what might be the issue to no avail. Went through the MCACC auto setup & got a number of "too much ambient noise" errors.
Finally got it to go through successfully and that didn't fix it. Went through manual setup & tweaked the speakers to +12db each and that didn't make any difference (used to be center was about +8, L & R were about half that). I even did a reset of the receiver which did not seem to clear up the issue.

I'm getting sound everywhere I should, and when I should, but cannot hear it until the receiver is cranked up to a high volume. TV, DVD & Roku all play video without an issue, but volume on receiver has to be really cranked up more than 2x the previously "normal" levels to get the same volume. All the speakers seem to be fine, cabling is good. DVD is from around 2012, Roku 2017, and cable box (Cisco?) is
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