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I have a Pioneer VSX-823 av unit that just started giving me issues last night and today. I turned the unit on last night. Had it on for an hour and randomly it started to send out loud snapping pops out of all the speakers. Then it powered itself off and the HDMI light started flashing. I left the unit unplugged for the night and checked it today, same issue. No power up just flashing HDMI light. I managed to get the system back on by holding the standby & advanced surround. Unit fired up and went nuts with the speaker popping and then it started to flip relays on and off (relays on the speaker output) and now there is zero audio coming from the unit and the relays are staying active...

I was doing some research and some users have managed to get various pioneer units to display error codes... Using the key sequences that I found didn't display anything on my unit.... Is there a way? Any idea what's happening with the amp to cause the speaker popping ?

I'm decent with repairing electronics. Just not sure where to go with this one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Willing to try to repair this unit before going out and getting Yamaha lol. He'll if I can repair it and sell it off to help pay that would be great too.
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