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Bought a new VSX-824 2 weeks ago and while it works great with my BD player, it doesn't like either my Chromecast or Amazon FireTV Stick.

I've searched for posts with similar problems here and elsewhere but can't seem to find them. I've called Pioneer teechnical support and left many messages but they NEVER call back. I've even posted messages on their Facebook page, with zero result. (that alone has pretty much convinced me to never buy a Pioneer piece of equipment again)

Both Chromecast and FireTV Stick work fine when connected directly to either of the 2 HDMI inputs on my Viewsonic projector.
When I connect them to ANY of the 6 HDMI inputs on the AVR, the AVR will reset every few seconds. Audio will continue to work, but video blanks out (white screen on the projector as if there's nothing coming in from the AVR) and after a second or 2 the video comes back. This repeats over and over, every 5 to 30 seconds. The FireTV Stick has more problems than the Chromecast. The BlueRay player works flawless at 1080p.
When I dumb down the FireTV Stick to 720P, it works fine. The Chromecast can't be dumbed down.
I've tried all HDMI inputs for both units, and I've also tried routing through an HDMI splitter. Both units are hooked up directly to the AVR, without using the short 2 inch dongle-type HDMI cables that comes with both.

I'm at a complete loss as to why this is happening. If I can't get this to work right, I'm going to have to return the unit and buy a different brand. I'm pretty much convinced it's NOT a broken AV receiver, but then again.....:confused::confused:

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