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Hey all.

Created this account to try and get help, as I'm a bit of a noob with new surround sound receivers.

I have a windows/linux PC hooked up over HDMI to my brand new, open box from Best Buy, Pioneed VSX-834. I did all the initial setup with the surround microphone to set levels and such. Its configured in 5.1 channel mode. But I'm not getting discreet sound from each channel.

In windows (and linux), I set my speakers up as 5.1, but when I do the test, front right/left sound also comes out of the surround speakers, and visaversa. I think center channel sounds also comes out of all front speakers as well. I thought this might be a poor implementation of multichannel PCM in the operating systems, so I sought out a DTS 5.1 test file from thedigitaltheater. When I play this file, the DTS light shows up on the receiver, but the sound behaves exactly the same. It even behaves this way if I select a 7.1 output (even though I only have a 5.1 speaker setup). The surround back also comes out of the front speakers. This makes be believe I have something very wrong with my receiver, or my receiver configuration. The manual was less than helpful. Can anyone please point me in a direction to track down/fix the issue?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I just ran through the receivers initial setup again, and the test tones DO come out of only their correct channel (as expected), but did not solve the issue.

EDIT2: So, I had the issue fixed, briefly. I ran the receiver back through the whole first time setup, including speaker calibration, and after that everything seemed to work fine. Got discreet channels. Thought I'd solved the problem. But then I noticed my TV was no longer connecting over ARC/CEC/Anynet+ to the receiver. So I spent the last hour pulling my hair out trying to fix that problem. Finally power cycled the whole setup, TV and receiver and all, and low and behold, TV correctly talks to the receiver again over ARC... but also my initial problem came back. Going to try now to fix it AGAIN, and see if I can get both working or not.

EDIT3: And fixed... for now. Ran the receiver through initial setup with the speaker calibration AGAIN, and it restored proper functionality... AND my TV is still talking to the receiver properly. No idea what the cause was.

One thing I did notice when the TV quit talking to the receiver was that the receiver would hang on the last step (enable ARC). When I finally fixed it, it didn't hang there and proceeded to finish initial setup correctly. Thanks for being a soundboard.
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