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I recently purchased a Polk PSW505 subwoofer. I am a novice at things audio. I am trying to connect the 505 to my new Pioneer 9040 through the Pio's subwoofer PRE OUT to the 505's LFE IN (Unfilitered). My other speakers are small satellites (please don't laugh too hard), and are from a 10-year old Pioneer HTIB system. I ran the old HTIB subwoofer with the 9040 with the same cable setup with no problem. In trying to use the 505, I get nothing from it. I ran Auto MCACC, with all speakers set to small, LFE set to 0db, and tried the crossover at both 100 HZ and 150 HZ settings. MCACC does not recognize the 505 - It tells me no subwoofer is connected. I then tell it the 505 is present. I continue running MCACC. An information box pops up with this message, "Subwoofer level is too low. Please turn volume up your subwoofer." After running MCACC several times and reading numerous threads, this "newbie" still doesn't have a clue. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Pappy1's Home Theater SetUp:

Pioneer VSX 9040TXH AVR

Polk PSW 505 subwoofer

Samsung HL-T6756W DLP

Panasonic DMP-BD605

DirectTV HD satellite box

Center, L, R, SL, and SR from old Pioneer HTB 209 HTIB

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Update on Pappy1 -

Hello Everyone! Thanks to the help and encouragement of xcapri79, cnh, dl090465, BruceOrlando, and others my system is up and running fine. For the connection between the Pioneer AVR and the sub I'm using a cable from a Costco HT cable pack, and ti seems to work fine. I'm finding Club Polk to be an extremely helpful site, from info on basic system components and setup, which I desperately need, to info regarding HTPCs - which I don't have yet but would like to build someday. This site is so convincing, that I have caught the audio "sickness"! NewEgg put the M70s on sale again recently, so with my wife's agreement we purchased two of them! (She told me that she liked the way that the front "mesh" on the the Polks covered up the "round thingies" on the front of the speakers! So the WAF is at least good at the moment. Now the 70's are in front, the 60s in the rear, the CS2 in the center, with the 505 providing the bass. I'm using LFE from the Pioneer VSX-9040TXH AVR to the PSW 505 sub with the AVR's crossover set at 80Hz. I may try to experiment with the crossover setting some more. My living room where the system is set up opens up into a hallway and into the dining area, and from there into the kitchen. The total square footage approaches 550 ft2. Between the Polk speakers, the 9040txh, and the panasonic BD605, I'm hearing things like doors closing, shell casings falling to the ground ("Silverado" opening sequence) and the French horns and strings in the "West-Wing" TV series like I've never heard them before. Music sounds so much fuller and more accurate. wutadumsn23 - Your comments about the POLK sound and quality helped me to choose Polk and to complete my rig - I'm hearing what you were telling everyone in the threads! What a difference from my old HTIB! I can hardly wait to get upstairs and listen to the system some more!

If anyone has any suggestions for tweaking/improvement please feel free to comment.

May everyone enjoy what is left of the weekend!


AVR - Pioneer VSX 9040TXH

Subwoofer - Polk PSW 505

TV - Samsung HL-T6756W DLP

BD - Panasonic DMP-BD605

Cable - CableOne HD DVR

Center - CS2

Fronts - Polk Monitor 70s

Rears - Polk Monitor 60s
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