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Although this is my first post (yay!) I have been trying to read as many threads on the forums in the past few days about good advice on a receiver. I just bought a house with wholehouse sound and although the in-wall speakers may not be the greatest, I am planning on taking full advantage of them. These two receivers seem to be the best in my price range, right at $350 and I am not sure which one will suit my needs better.

I have a 46' Sharp aquos, PS3 that i use to play all my dvds, and my dishnetwork dvr that will be hooked up to the receiver. I know I need one with multizone capabilities, but other than that I am not really sure what I should be getting. I plan on having 5.1 surround for a while but I figured I'd get a 7.1 receiver just to be safe (I know the Pio does 7.1 or 5.1 multizoned),

So I guess my overall question, which is better? (Sorry that may have been longwinded)

It may seem like a no brainer to get the Yamaha for the video upconversion but I'm just unsure or to dumb to see it and need convincing.

Thanks for any help.

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If you search for the word "convert" in the manuals for both of these receivers you'll see that both perform conversion of analog video signals to digital video (HDMI). This allows you to input different types of video sources (analog and HDMI) but to output all of them to the tv using a single HDMI cable. Both receivers also provide for A/V to a second zone.

Neither receiver scales up the resolution of the analog video signal when converting to HDMI (at this price, your TV does a better job of this anyway) and each uses its own proprietary speaker calibration algorithm. Both receivers decode DD TrueHD and DTS-MA lossless bitstreams from a Bluray player, although that doesn't matter to you now because your PS3 only sends the lossless PCM signals (identical result from the speakers).

Some differences are:

HDMI inputs: 919 = 4, 663 = 2

component video inputs: 919 = 2, 663 = 3

s-video inputs: 919 = 0, 663 = 5 (important if you have an s-video source)

preout connectors: 919 = 1 (subwoofer), 663 (7.2 channels, useful for connecting to separate AMP)

Your call. Good luck.
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