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I got my Pioneer VSX-924 amp today and am trying to setup the dual HDMI out sockets, so the first HDMI Out 1 is connected to my LCD TV and HDMI Out 2 is connected to my captured device so i can capture gameplay from my XBox One console. But i have noticed im getting a HDCP display on my capture software when trying to display the Xbox One on the capture device, no i uderstand this usually happens if your are watching something like Netflix on the Xbox One but not when playing a game.

Is there a setting on the Pioneer VSX-924 that i need to change so i can capture the XBox One on HDMI Out 2 or is this a limitation of the Pionner not being compatible with the Xbox One?, if to the amp is going straight back as its the main reason i got the amp, for the 2 HDMI out sockets!!
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