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Pioneer VSX-924 or Denon AVRX2100W To Replace old Sony AMP.

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I have been buying AV receivers for the past 10 years and have always gone with Sony systems, DAV-SA30, STR-DG700 & STR-DH800 so nothing super expensive but more entry level stuff. Back in November i was looking at replacing my current STR-DH800 with the STR-DN1040 just due to the fact of needing more HDMI sockets and the big plus point having 2 HDMI out sockets but by that time the STR-DN1040 was out of production so that was the end of that. Now its the new year i have started looking again and my sights have been set on the Pioneer VSX-924, my main reason for looking at this amp is the dual HDMI out socket, i do a fair bit of video capturing and atm have to have a number of extra devices (HDMI matrix, audio decodes etc) in order to send video to 2 displays whilst down sampling aduio im hoping with this av receiver im able to remove the majority of these devices out of the loop as they are creating audio & video sync issues.

Is the Pioneer VSX-924 or Denon AVRX2100W a good upgrade from the STR-DH800, im no audio audiophile but thought the SRT-DH800 was a solid unit for the money the only real issue i ever had with it was when watching films (and this mainly occurs in horror films) when there is a distant sound in a scene and the actors on screen were looking about i couldn't hear these very subtle sounds, now i dont know if this was down to the amp itself or the Sony SSP88 6.1 Speakers ive had since my STR-DG700!?.

Which out of the Pioneer VSX-924 or Denon AVRX2100W is the better amp or are they both solid low/mid range av receivers?
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Depends on your feature requirements as the Pioneer uses MCACC room correction and only comes with built-in Bluetooth and a 2 year warranty whereas the Denon also comes with built-in wireless and a 3 year warranty and uses Audyssey MultEQ XT. Best served buying both and deciding for yourself which you prefer more.
Well the main reason for me looking at upgrading....is either of these amps an upgrade from the STR-DH800 or more of a side step??, anyways the main reason for me replacing the STR-DH800 is the need for more HDMI inputs now and also the 2 HDMI out's that both the Denon and Pioneer have, these are the main reason. I just wanted to know if out of the Pioneer or Denon if one out classed the other by a big margin or if them are similarly matched?

Whats regarded the better tech, MCACC room correction or Audyssey MultEQ XT?. Also if either one of these amps was better than the other at amplify the more subtle/quiet sounds found in alot of horror films ( a problem i noticed with the STR_DH800) then that would be a plus point as well
Few on this forum give Sony AVRS any credence as to any positive comparison to the more well known brands of either Denon or Pioneer.
Really?, as i said im no audiophile when it comes it amps and have only been buying them approx 10 years and have always been Sony amps....so thats all i know. Whats the reason for having wifi on modern amps?, is it just to stream music or do amps now connect to the internet, get firmware updates etc?...again me only ever knowing Sony amps ive never been exposed to having wifi connection on an amp.

I defo prefer the look and finish of the Pioneer to the Denon and i can get it £30-40 cheaper than the Denon also, i just wasnt sure if the AVRX2100W was vastly superior to the VSX-924 overall?
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