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Ok im after a bit of advice, i have just ordered the Pioneer VSX-924 and will be pairing it with either the WHARFEDALE DX1 HCP 5.1 Pack or Q ACOUSTICS 2000i 5.1 Pack. People in the know seem to say that you should really spend almost 3 times the amount on the speakers as you do on the amp itself but i dont really feel comfortable spending approx £750-900 on speakers. The Acoustics are almost double the price of the Wharfedale's but are they really that much better, as the Wharfedale's seem to have gotten glowing reviews across the board and punch above their weight where as the Acoustics just seem to have average reviews.

Also what speaker wire should i be using, now i know neither of these speakers are top of the line (or anywhere near) but would this speaker wire be good enough??.....


and whats peoples views on Banana plugs are they really necessary if you dont intend to plug and unplug the speakers a lot?. Im thinking that there just another connection in the line and thus 'could' result in poorer quality than using no banana plugs?

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