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Hi guys, i need help.

my Pioneer VSX-920 has been awesome for a little under 2 years now. But a month or so ago it started to take ages to switch off into standby, the tv picture would disappear as normal but the amp would remain on for a few minutes.

When i switch it on the tv picture comes on as usual but the sound would take a few minutes to come on, this length of time has now increased bit by bit to the point where ive bypassed the amp altogether and its now just an ornament on the shelf.

A message on the led display about a month ago said amp overheated so i turned it off allowing it to cool (it wasnt over warm at all to the touch and is well ventilated). after a few days i started using it when i started having the problem mentioned in paragraph 2.

All help gratefully accepted, ive just been made redundant and cant afford a new amp. might have to get my 10 yr old denon down from the spare room (great amp, solid, good sound but dated so no hd or 3d).

Cheers guys........Chris
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