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OK, needless to say, my receiver is over 3 years old now. But In the

past year, it developed an annoying problem. While "Surround

(DPL/DD/dts)" mode is active on any audio/video input, I hear a faint

Buzz ONLY from the center speaker, that elevates in intensity then goes

away in 30 seconds, then comes back on after a minute or so. Keeps

cycling like that.

The problem is present no matter what I did with the subwoofer, A/C

outlets, number and type of connectors in the back of the receiver,

swapping speakers around, nothing mattered as long as at least one

device is connected to the receiver and the "Surround" mode is active.

The Buzz from the center channel is faint but can be EXTREMELY annoying

over quiet passages and dialog in a movie, I am fed up. Anyone else with

a similar problem? It's a shame cause this receiver rocks my Paradigm

Mini-Monitor x4, LCR-350 Center, and PW-2200 Sub system. Especially in

in plain Stereo, the receiver is my workhorse since mid-1999.

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