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Just replaced my Denon with a Pioneer VSX 1123 K receiver. The buying point of it was so I could play different sources in multiple rooms (zones); I want to listen to the Living Room TV while in the kitchen or play music in one room but the TV audio in another. But I'm having quite the learning curve with this setup with 'zones' and 'multi zone control'. 


My ultimate goals is to have the 5.2 surround system & Zone 2 connection to

+ Play Game/Cable source in either zone/room

+ Play Game/Cable source in one zone/room and iPod/Stream in another zone/room

So far:

In regards to my setup (pictured below) for different zones, I've only been able to get the iPod music via the iPod Direct Control button to work in both zones at the same time. I can not get any other source to play independent of one another in the second zone. In other words, I can't get the football game sound on DirectTV in both my living room and kitchen at the same time.


In the receiver setup menu my current Speaker SP setup is Zone 2. The Zone Play function is HDZone.


I'm using the Surround Back/Zone 2 wires for the kitchen speakers (Zone 2/Sub Zone).


NOTE: Everything is filtered through the Xbox One as my main media hub. It controls my Direct TV box, Blue Ray, DVD, and of course video games. Therefore my Xbox One is the only video source. Only HDMI is used.


I'm guessing that what I want can't be done with my current setup but that is also why I'm detailing it so much. Please help me re-wire it so it works correctly!



Receiver = Pioneer VSX1123K

Game = Xbox One

Cable = DirectTV HR22

TV = Panasonic TC-P60ST50


My receiver setup [rear]:

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