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I have a Pioneer VSX321 receiver and have for about 2 and a bit years. Over the last few months the sound signal has been dipping in and out to the point where some times there is no sound at all.

It does this sporadically with all signals (HD, Dolby Digital, PCM etc) on the Sky HD box, the blu ray player (which is a brand new Pioneer). Anything hooked up to it. I have swopped HDMI leads about and they are all the latest versions so it's not them. I also have a optical cable for the Sky Box and it does the same regardless if it's set at HDMI or Optical. It will even occasionally show that the signal has changed when I change a channel on the Sky box or for instance a blu ray begins and it's a different format and start displaying the output across the screen but either 5 seconds in it will drop or produce no sound at all. It's very rare that it stays on the whole time.

To get the sound back I either need to keep changing between sound signals or pressing the direct button, sometimes this works straight away other times it takes minutes for it to come back. I don't want to switch the unit on and off when this happens as I don't want to create any handshake issues with the HDMI's.

There is no ethernet/USB ports for this so no firmware upgrades. I have manually reset the unit back to factory settings however but the problem still continues. I'm all out of ideas so any help appreciated or I'm assuming this receiver is on it's way out without a repair. Cheers!
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