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I just got my zt60 and vsx43 receiver and surround hooked up a few weeks ago. Up until today whenever I would turn the volume up, change settings, adjust parameters on my receiver it would always show on the t.v. not just the receiver display. Last night we were watching Avatar 3d on the ps3 and like I said the volume and everything would come on the t.v. not just the receiver. This is a pretty big deal to me because the receiver is too far from the couch to read, so it was way easier to see and read when it shows up on the t.v. display. I put Avatar on today for my daughter now, and nothing is showing on the t.v., only the receiver. I don't know why its doing this or what happened. I don't think I hit any buttons on the remote or anything to disable it, and I can't figure out how to fix it now. When I switch back to cable from the ps3, its still showing on the t.v. like its supposed too, but as soon as I switch inputs, its gone. I don't know if maybe its just a glitch with the hdmi and ps3 or something I can enable. Anybody that can help, or knows whats going on please let me know, its really annoying to get used to a feature then have it disappear out of the blue.

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