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Hi all,

First time poster, and long time newbie to all things A/V, but I appreciate a good home theater experience, and hope I can get some advice. I recently got my hands on a Samsung PN43D450 to replace an old rear-projection set in the basement from ~10 years ago that was connected to a Pioneer VSX604S audio/home receiver. I'm good with the new TV, but when I got around to setting up the Pioneer, I realized I couldn't just take old audio red/white wires and plug it into the Samsung's "Digital Audio Out (Optical)" slot.

I looked around here and the web, but couldn't find much about this receiver. From what I gather, I'm basically looking at a situation where I have two different technologies, but what I don't know is if there is any way to make them compatible with some device/converter? Or should I be looking at a new audio receiver?

Appreciate any help on the matter, thanks!
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