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Ok, please someone who knows this system backwards and forward please help because Im about to lose my mind not knowing if its my speakers, the reciever, the wires or the signals.

I have the 919 and its all hooked up to high end RTI polk audio speakers. Now there is a function button on the reciever called S.RTRV and its suppose to make things sound larger and more dynamic, and it does, it sounds GREAT except for one thing, the dialogue always sounds like it has static distortion with every word spoken. So I never use this function, but this cant be right?

Now that I have listened very closely to the audio of everything from tv, dvd, blu-ray and music, I have noticed that alot of my audio has these little audio ticks or clicks with any DIALOGUE. Sometimes a static distortion at the tail end of a word if it spikes in volume.

Its driving me insane not knowing if this is a bad reciever or my speakers or the hook ups. It may be a coincedence, but the other night I listened to some music pretty loud, up to -4db, which is loud but should not be loud enough to damage these speakers, but now is when im really noticeing this clicking and distortion. But from day one the S.RTRV dialogue sounded horrible.

By far the worst movie for this distortion as well as the clicking is from SUPERMAN THE MOVIE. Especially the first seens where jorel is talking to the councel. Some have told me that this reciever is not good enough for my RTI A7, CSI A6 and FXI A6 line, and that the reciever is underpowering and could wreck my speakers. I dont know what to believe or who to listen too. Please help me. And is it better to use autosurround, alc, direct or personalized advanced surround.

anyone who knows this system well should be able to tell me if this system sounding like crap on the S.RTRV setting is normal or not.

THANKYOU SO MUCH for anyone who can clarify. And if it is the reciever, what would you upgrade to if its not good enough. Im not an audiofile, but I do want good quality sound with out clicks, noises or distortion.


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