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Did anybody else catch this?

On CSI: Miami last Monday night the pitch of the audio was significantly different on HD from what it was on SD. I know because I run both occasionally, to save my Panny's screen from screenburn. At the commercial I kick it to inner NTSC tuner signal by hitting ch. 5 directly at the remote, which brings on the internal regular tuner, which I can scale on the remocon for aspect ratio and fill the screen fully, protecting the CRTs from HD commercial screenburn.

When I do this, I often am too much in a hurry to mute out the HD audio, coming from the AV amp.

This was exactly the scenario last week during the regular opening sequence, after the first scene, music by The Who. I went out to the kitchen to grab a bite of something, and both audios were playing - the HD Dolby Digital audio thru the Technics amp via Toslink fibre optics connection from the HD STB, and the regular SD audio coming directly from the TV's audio speakers, in normal MTS stereo.

All thru that sequence of music by The Who, the pitches were half a step off from each other. The HD was sharp, the SD was flat.

This also happened at each commercial, when they would switch the audio on the HD from HD audio to SD audio. Just the last half of a note, as they were clicking it over, and it would be half a step lower in pitch than the rest of the end of the scene, which was still purely HD audio.

The 2 audios at the commercials would be the same once the commercial started, because the HD commercials are in SD anyway. The only time there was an extensive music difference was in the beginning, and it could also be found anytime there was music in the actual show, and you brought up both audios.

Anybody else catch all that? We'll have another chance at seeing it happen tonight, but I'll probably still be on location on today's Hitachi cal by then.

Mr Bob
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