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This little box has the capacity to be an awesome media center and home file server in one pretty little box..

The technical specs (forcing a cat /proc/cpuinfo) show an impressive system-on-a-chip.

Even with the most current software update, I only see 5-10kbps file transfer rate across a 100mbps switch to a dedicated Linux file server - sorry, Realtek is cheap hardware, but not that bad.

Just touching this thing, you can feel it's a quality design.

And the fact that employees actually cruise this site and provide support? So cool.

It's taking *two hours* to transfer a 250megabyte file to my AIOS via 100 Ethernet. Unacceptable.

My AIOS won't play YouTube streams as advertised. Unacceptable.

There's so much wrong with this little box, it's incredible. But the hardware quality is pretty great.

Based on what I've seen, I have faith that it will be right with a few more updates.


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I would agree that there is a lot wrong with the standard interface. But the beauty of this product is there is a very active user forum at www.pivosforums.com . Employees are constantly on that site answering questions.

There is "semiofficial" firmware that makes huge improvements on the user interface. Those firmwares are updated frequently with new features and add ons..

I agree the networking on this unit is not that great. But I think people expect too much from a unit like this. It's advertised as a streamer with basic network functionality. If you want really good network functionality, you need to get a NAS system.

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Originally Posted by Diamond Dog  /t/1467594/pivos-aios-thankfully-theres-good-customer-support-from-aasoror#post_23508494


You are the guy that originally got me into the AIOS. I have 2 now.

What streamer do you like if not the AIOS these days? What price point are such units (assuming you suggest one)

For the price and function the AIOS isn't bad, but my wife and kids like the jukeboxes. I currently own a Dune D1 and Dune TV303D. The smart series dune have been discontinued and are hard to find. The TV303D is pretty good but doesn't support BD ISOs.
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