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The last few nights I have noticed frequent pixalization with Leno. Is it the broadcast, the STB tuner or the RPTV? I am running the SamSung Sirt150, RadioShack UHF antenna with the Toshiba 57h81. I am not getting any dropouts. Watched NYPD Blue and experienced no pixalization. Any thoughts?



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Some speculation: Might be multipath; I've had instances of image breakup into smaller blocks caused by signal reflections. Also, perhaps your NBC station isn't using a full 19+ Mbps signal and is transmitting a subchannel. See if the pixelization occurs with objects or persons that are moving. -- John

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There might have been some kind of problem with the NBC HD feed.

I get a very strong clear OTA signal here on NBC and normally never see any problems, but there were a number of short freezes and breakups in Leno on both Thursday & Friday nights, and they had no connection to periods of extra intense motion. Several were during the monologue.

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Part of the reason that The Tonight Show may show more

motion pixelization that other things you may see is that

it is shot on native HD-CAM 30fps. Most of the other

stuff you see (e.g. HBO movies, or CBS primetime shows)

are shot on film first at 24fps then later telecined and

recorded on digital HD tape.

Since the MPEG encoders dealing with the tonight show

are chewing on 30fps (instead of 24fps), and are being fed

nice, sharp HD-CAM images (without the film-like soft-edges)

then the datarate gets used up trying to encode some of the

fine detail and things gets a little tripped up when

dealing with fast motion.

Many people complain that HBO "softens up" their movies

when they do the pan/scan conversion from OAR to 16:9

but in one way it frees up some of the encoding bandwidth

to deal with high motion and abrubt scene changes since

there isn't as much sharp detail to encode.

I am sure the Tonight show looks really amazing in the

studio at full datarate. They have to reencode it for

broadcast into the 19.3Mbit/sec ATSC broadcast standard

so we end up with more artifacts than they see in the studio.


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