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Hi! I have a Samsung LN40A550 TV with a weird problem that only occurs in our family room in our house. In our house, we have the signal from an OTA antenna that is fed into a central location out to all of the other rooms (via coaxial cable) on the first floor of our house. Occasionally, for a split second or two, the signal on the Samsung TV will experience some pixelation. This occurs on any channel and can vary from doing it every minute or so to every 10-15 minutes; There doesn't seem to be a pattern to when the pixelation will occur. All of the channels come in full strength. Sometimes the pixelation is very minor and sometimes quite bad. The signal itself doesn't seem to be causing a problem as I can watch another TV at the same time and that TV don't experience any problems. Thinking it was maybe a problem with this Samsung TV, I hooked it up in 2 other rooms and in both of these rooms, I didn't notice a single issue - It worked flawlessly. I then brought our 46" Sony XBR4 that we have in our living room into the family room; It didn't have a single issue either. For some reason, the pixelation only occurs with our Samsung TV in the family room only. I have even tried different coax cables (which I doubted were the problem since the Sony works fine with the same cables) and nothing helps. Unfortunately switching the Sony with the Samsung isn't really an option as the 46" is too big for the family room. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be or has anyone experienced an oddity like this before? Thanks in advance for any help or advice that someone can provide!
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