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Im completely new the the PJ scene. I bought a new house with a complete theatre room setup. The previous owner had very high end equipment and all prewired.

* The room is completely dark and sized at 11x17ft.

* The screen is a 100" Stewart Firehawk grey screen that drops from the ceiling. The top of the grey screen to the ceiling is 24" and the grey goes down 48"

* the back wall to the screen is 16ft

* PJ wires comes from the back wall near the top.

* First row of seats is about 9.5ft from the screen

* 2nd row of seats is about 15ft from the screen

My question is that the previous owner had his mounted on the back wall instead of the ceiling.. so it looks like alot of mounts are from the ceiling. Ive been looking at the ceiling mounts and they make different height extenders..what size extenders do I need for my setup? thinking about getting the Epson 8500UB.
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