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PJ Selection Help Please

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I just finished my basement and I am excited about installing a PJ for overall family fun. Ideally, I would like a 720p projector mainly for HD sports, but also for longevity purposes as well. We might do some gaming and family movie nights are expected.

Any recommendations for the following installation would be greatly appreciated....

The room specs:

Size: 13' x 16' with very little ambient light (one small window); Seating will be all around the room, but most folks will probably sit 6-10 feet from the screen.

Ceiling Height: Approx. 7 feet but on the wall with the screen there are radiator pipes (its an old house) that are 15 inches off the ceiling. I realize this may put the screen fairly low to the ground, but there is not anyway around it.

Light Control: Very little ambient light (one small window) otherwise good

Screen size: Thinking a 55" x 77" or 92" on the diagonal. PJ mount can be anywhere from 10' - 12.5 feet from the screen.

Finally, any thoughts on brand of screens, and are Elite screens any good?

Many thanks.....
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Hrm... close seating and low projector hang are the first two things that stand out. I'd likely recommend an AE900 for that setup. The smoothscreen will eliminate the SDE you might otherwise see and the lens shift will let you compensate for the low projector hang.
Thank Madpoet!

Do you the the AE900 will be bright enough for day-time without dimming the lights?
Nope ;). Well, I will correct that and say that you could but I wouldn't. ANY projector, even the brightest light cannons, are affected by ambient light.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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