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Hey all- love reading the pj forums-

pj- shootout- old dlp vs. newer lcd- who will win???

I currently have a epson hc720 pj and have just ordered a refurbed Sharp XVZ2000 and should receive it this monday.

I am not going to list all specs for each as both can be easily googled.

a couple of points- the sharp doesn't have an hdmi input- but it does contain a dvi- so i will be using an hdmi to dvi.

my setup-

92" da-lite screen - 1.5 gain


time warner hd and dvr

all hdmi connected- (4X1) switcher monoprice

11 foot viewing distance- light controlled and non light controlled room(living room with windows)

program material

I am going to try out- blurays, 1 dvd (video essentials), ps3 games (uncharted 2 and MAG) and time warner hd dvr'd(discovery hd content) and live sports of the 1080i and 720p variety.


after preliminary reviews of the sharp found online- it's scaler apparently down converts 1080i signals to 540p- so i will only feed 720p (after of course verifying the 1080i claims)

*sorry for any typos- i am spending a majority of the time sharing my thoughts rather than spending extra time proofreading.

notes #2- i really enjoy the epson hc720 and feel its a great pj. I am really wondering how a new lcd stacks up to an old dlp-the sharp was around 4k when it debuted and the epson was 1.2k.

My pj resume includes setup and extensive viewing of the following projectors:

1) infocus x1

2) infocus sp4805

3) sanyo plv-z4

4) sim2 domino 30h

5) sim2 c3x 720p model (3-chip dlp)

6) epson hc720

7) more to follow

I have been installing ht since 2003 so I have really seen a lot of the changes over the years. The next pj- i would like to try is the mits hc3800.

finally- i will update this once i receive the sharp.

thanks for reading and happy viewing
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