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PJ's with Vertical Lens Adjustment?????

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After 2+ years in progress, the carpet's going in my new HT next week. My remote location dictates that I use the Internet & HT forums to do my shopping. (There is only one PJ (Sony HS20) on display within a 200 mile circle of my home.) I thought that the price/performance of the Infocus 7205 looked good until I read that this PJ has no vertical lens adjustment allowable so I would have to live with the 16% offset requirement. That would put the bottom of my planned 120 inch screen less than 1 foot from the floor. (I have only a 7 ft. 5 inch ceiling height.)

I would greatly appreciate any insight that you guys might have regarding quality DLP/DILA PJ's which provide vertical adjustment without resorting to measures such as digital keystoning. PS: I believe the Sharp Z12000 is a candidate!!

Thanks, Chasby
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Chasby, since I recently bought a sharp 12000 I will give you my experience with is since its of the projectors you might be considering, being the second sharp projector I have purchased, the first being a sharp 9000 I will tell you that they are pretty easy to set up and the lens shift feataure to me is extremely helpful. In the past I have passed up projectors that had excellent pq but lacked the vertical lens shift feature that the sharp had, I could have purchased the benq 8700 which is a great unit as well however it did not have the lens shift feature and the idea that I might have to have a long pole descending from my ceiling to accomodate the correct lens position didnt appeal to me at all. You say youre looking for a 120" screen, the sharp has an excellent picture quality and because it has one of the highest contrasts for a dlp ( about 4000:1) in high contrast mode thats usually the mode that users such as myself select however once that mode is selected light output drops considerably and Im not sure if projecting on a 120" screen in high contrast mode (if thats youre desire) will be bright enough for you. personally I will in the future be ordeing a silverstar, it has a screen gain of 6.0 but for now I have built my own frame using draper m2500 screen material which has a gain of 2.5, the screen is a custom size, the material came as a 60" x 100 " section so I made the screen 50" high x 90" wide allowing the extra material to be wrapped around the frame, my seating distance is about 15ft and the picture is wonderful, my ultimate plan is to possibly go with a screen size such as what your looking for but the only screen I know of with a high enough gain to give me a great image at that size is a vutec silverstar and It doesnt come rolled up it comes as one solid piece becase its very rigid but delicate so my advice to you is if youre considering a projector like the sharp 12000 or any projector with that kind of lumen output (900 ansi) and want a screen image 120" then I would definately look at a vutec silverstar.

hope this helps..
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Some models with lens shift (HD2+-based):

Sharp 12K (XV-Z-12000U)

Marantz VP12S3

Dwin Transvision3 (referred to as the TV3+; it is uses the HD2+ as a drop-in replacement for the HD2 chip)

HD2-based models:

Sharp 10K (XV-Z10000U; discontinued so there are some good deals out there)

Marantz VP-12S2

Dwin Transvision3 (TV3; Dwin does not make these anymore - see above)

You may also want to consider the Epson Cinema 500 (TW-500). It is an LCD-based projector, but from all accounts it sets the performance bar for LCD projectors.

One final note, the IF7200's offset is only 0.044*max throw length (~9 - 10% of image height), so that might be an option for you as well. It will have no problems lighting up a 10' wide screen, unlike the Sharps (which should be kept considerably smaller or on a really high gain screen).




PS: Can you tell I was in the same boat? I ended up with a Sharp 10K at less than half the cost of a 12K (used of course)... ;)
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