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Place To Purchase Rotel

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Looking for someone decent to work with on Rotel (potentially) for a system we are helping a friend with.

Looking for a dealer that will give us decent pricing and good support.

Anyone have a good dealer like this they can recommend.

We are looking at the new 1066 surround processor and probably two amps (5 channel 200w and 2 channel 200w).


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I assume you are looking for a good online dealer? If not, then you can disregard the next paragraph...

IIRC, Rotel has a very strict distribution policy and does not allow mail orders via the web or otherwise. To purchase new, you have to purchase from your local authorized Rotel dealer.

But in any event, check out Rotel's Website to find the dealer nearest you in North Carolina.

If you're buying used, try Audiogon .

Good luck!

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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