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Im looking for help / advice with the placement of motorized drop down speakers.

Before we remodeled this space I had a similar setup with box speakers attached to open beams in the ceiling in a symmetrical 3 x 2 x 2 pattern and we enjoyed watching movies with it. We are not audiophiles and don't intend to do any "critical" listening in this room. its purely for enjoyment watching movies and maybe some background music.

My wife didn't want speakers or equipment sitting all over the room so this is what I came up with.

Currently I have 3 M&K 12" sealed subs with plate amps that I will use until I can build two (or more) of the DIY subs.

Will this setup produce an enjoyable theater like experience? Im getting nervous about cutting all those holes in the ceiling....

I have a picture page with text here that may be easier to view:

You can check out the cutout template and dust collector I designed and fabricated here:

You can check out the control box I designed and built for the motorized speakers here:

This is a sketch of the Den where I want to place the speakers:

I found this layout online and used it as a place to start:

From here I created a 2d drawing that takes into account the ceiling joists and the can lighting etc. not drawn on the drawing.

One of the questions would be on the width of the left and right front speakers. I have 2 positions shown on the drawing with the speakers 85" apart to match the rear channel spacing and 124" apart to be inline with the side channels.

From here I created a 3d model of the speakers and placement:

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

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