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Placement of CTR channel speaker on Samsung DLP

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I am tyring to figure out a method of placement of a center channel on the top of a Samsung DLP unit. As some of you probably already know the DLP TV is verry narrow on top and will not allow normal center channel speaker placement. I located a center channel shelf but it only works w/CRT tv's. There must be some form of creative solution. (I know someone out there has run into this problem)

Please help...

Visual George
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Welcome and good luck

I'm going through the same thing (I have the Samsung HLP5085).

There are center speaker shelfs that sit on TVs but the Samsungs drop off too steeply in the back for them to work without modifications.

I did find this one shelf on Circuit City's website that may work. If you read through the customers feedback, one person mentioned that he has a Samsung TV that the shelf's two mounting options wouldn't work but the shelf has air holes that allowed him to attached the legs closer to the back of the TV and it sounds like it worked for him.

I think I'm going to give it a try (at least Circuit City has a good return policy).

I'm really getting sick of my center channel speaker sitting on the floor in front of the TV.

I would post the link to Circuit City right here but AVS will not let me put anything that looks like a link in my posts until after I post more. :mad:

Here's what it is called, just do a search on C.C.'s website and you should find it.

OmniMount Center Channel Speaker Shelf (CCH1B)
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My solution was to build a stand for the center channel. It doesn't prohibit access to the electronics below, or interfere remote operation, and it places the sound close to the visual source of the sound. Works great.
I put up a shelf behind my TV at the same exact height as the top of the TV and sat the back of the speaker on the shelf and the front on the TV. I also uses special silicone (sticky) feet to keep the speaker from vibrating the TV as well as falling off too easily. A friend found a special bracket made for mounting the speaker on a thin TV.... I will have to poke around to see where he got it, I forget. I prefer my way though and was able to also put up some fake plants around on the shelf and it looks good. THe shelf cant bee seen from the front of the TV either. If you are interested in this method, reply and I will take some pics for you.

Here is a mount at circuit city that may do the trick and easier to do thenm what I did....

I have been using the Omnimount for about 3 weeks, and I think it's great. (2004 RCA DLP)
Originally Posted by cneely8
I have been using the Omnimount for about 3 weeks, and I think it's great. (2004 RCA DLP)

I use it too. I think it's great although I have a pretty steep rake in the back of my DLP and I was afraid it was going to slip so I duct taped the feet down to the back of the unit for more stability.

That center channel's not going anywhere now.

Found that Best Buy has the Omnimount shelf on sale (only if you buy it on the web). I chose the "pick it up at the store" option.

This shelf was the answer to my problem. I couldn't put the speaker below my screen because my TV is the "Captain Kirk" pedestal model.

The steep setting on the shelf just barely worked for my TV. I have the legs extended just about as far as they will go. I like the duct tape idea, I think I'll do that also.

It does have airholes all over the shelf, so you probably could install the legs even closer to a TV with a really steep slope if the two factory options don't work but I wouldn't want to move the legs too far in because of stability reasons.
I just bought an entertainment center that allowed me to put the center channel underneath the tv.
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Here is what I did, I made another thread so use the link and it will take you there.

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