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So, I am currently planning a considerable upgrade to my home theater setup. I just renovated the room that will be the media room and am in the process of determining which various bits and pieces to use. I'm trying to budget myself to between $3k and $4k for this upgrade in total (not including the furniture).

For the TV, I've settled on the Panasonic TV-P55VT50. For the last few years, I've been eying Panny's plasmas, and now I'm finally making the leap.

Trouble is...

1.) I don't own a blu-ray player.

2.) My receiver and speakers (and DVD changer) are all from an old Onkyo HT-R510 HTIB system from c. 2004. Solid system in its day, certainly for my purposes, but now it's time to upgrade.

Since I was generally pretty happy with Onkyo, I'm thinking I'll likely stick with the brand. I'm currently considering the TX-NR1009 as my receiver. This is probably way more power than I need for the space we're talking about, which is -- if memory serves -- about 12x14. Maybe 12x20 at most. I'm probably only going to run the system in 5.1, since I doubt I'll have the room to do even a full 6.1/7.1 let alone 9.1 setup. I just don't have the space -- especially the rear wall space -- to do that. But, I'm doing my damndest to future-proof, since I won't be in this house forever. I'd also like to ensure that I have a system that can handle good 3D processing (although I question how much I'll actually use it), and would prefer it to be THX certified -- although I'm starting to question whether that's necessary.

In the interests of saving money (for now) I'm probably also just going to keep using the speakers and sub from my original Onkyo setup. I expect they aren't top of the line or anything, but they strike me as perfectly useable, especially for the space.

Now, that leads me to my two questions for the A/V receiver/speaker crowd here.

A.) Would I be making a practical mistake by opting for the NR1009, given the space I'll be using and the speaker setup I'll have? Given the pace at which technology advances in this area, it's entirely possible that it'll be at least another generation (like, 4k or beyond) before I upgrade again, if I go with the NR1009. However, I experienced my receiver going...well, not obsolete, but certainly out of date..with the shift to HDMI. Plus, it's HIGHLY unlikely that I'll upgrade the TV any time in the next 5-10 years. Hell, my last TV is a CRT from 2001. I tend not to buy a lot of TVs and do incremental upgrades and such. So, for all I know, "future-proofing" the system might be a fool's errand. Thoughts on this?

B.) I'm beginning to think that it's not really worth it to have a super-duper-awesome-fantastico receiver....if I'm using speakers from a HTIB from c.2004. In other words, I may be spending my money in the wrong place, if I'm dropping coin on the receiver, but not on the speakers, and it might be a better move to go with a lower-level setup that ALSO upgrades the speakers (say another HTIB), figuring I could use it for a few years, and then upgrade later when I ultimately move. On the other hand, the NR1009 will be contemporary with the TV I'll likely have when I move, so really the only thing to upgrade would be the speakers (and I have no idea how expensive those are, in all honesty).

So, if anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd greatly value the input of some more savvy, experienced home theater gurus.

Thanks in advance!
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