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Hi all,

I'm just in the planning stages of cleaning up my living room by running all the cabling in the walls and moving most of the electronics into a cupboard. Here is the plan so far:

That's 15'6" long by 9'10" wide. Firstly, how am I looking? I hope to have nearly everything controlled by serial or similar from my computer, so I'm not sure what I need to run everywhere. At the moment I mainly have cat5 plugs drawn in from which I can run cat5 to serial adaptors. A few things aren't shown on the plan, such as adding a motorized curtain for the screen wall, CIW masking and anamorphic lens by the projector, mainly because I simply don't know what assorted doohickies and doodads are required (help required there). As those extras are probably things for much later, I'm mainly concerned with having the right wiring and leaving necessary space etc.

I would like to move my router/adsl modem into the cupboard too, the main phone plug for the apartment currently comes out just to the right of the screen wall. Should I put in a wall plate to run that to the back of the room? Is that an RJ-11/12 before it hits the adsl modem? Or is there a way to split it so there's no need for the wall plate on that side?

The screen wall and back wall are both bare double brick, so I was wondering what wall plates I should actually use. A lot seem to use big gang boxes for the cabling to make the turn up the wall, is such a big space required? I have seen wall plates installed directly into brick with just a small circular hole for the cabling to fit through, could I get away with that? Although I imagine it really depends on what plugs are on the plate and what sticks out the back. I would like the plates to be mounted as flush with the wall as possible as well. Does anyone have familiarity with the various monoprice plates and recommendations?

Nearly all the electronics will be hidden away in a sideboard cupboard, which will probably need ventilation added. I was thinking of cutting 2 circular holes at the back of the cupboard and wiring in a couple of quiet computer fans, does anyone have experience with that? Don't really know where/how to wire those.

My current projector is nearing the end of its life so I want to be able to leave room for upgrades (even to a 2 projector passive 3D setup, if that's the way things are heading?). Where in the projector's zoom range should I be aiming to mount the projector (Infocus IN76)? Any recommendations on the monoprice projector mounts? I currently have a 2 keystone jacks wall plate on the ceiling for HDMI and Cat5 for serial control, do I need these or do I just run the cables down the ceiling mount tube? Do I also need to get an electrician in to put in a power plug on the ceiling (and also for the sideboard)?

Here is a copy of my wish list on monoprice:

1044 2x Cat6 RJ-45 Tooless Keystone - White

1152 4x DB9F/RJ-45,Modular Adaptor

310 4x Cat5E RJ-45 Tooless Keystone Jack in White

3324 2x High Quality Banana Binding Post Two-Piece Inset Wall Plate for 1 Speaker - Coupler (ceiling 7.1)

3844 1x 250ft 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable (For In-Wall Installation)

3990 1x 25ft 22AWG CL2 High Speed HDMI® Cable - Black

4061 1x 50ft RG6 (18AWG) 75Ohm, Quad Shield, CL2 Coaxial Cable with F Type Connector - White

5466 1x Ceiling Bracket for Projector (Max 44Lbs) - BLACK (one projector mount choice)

5710 3x Enermax Magma 120mm Fan 1500rpm - Twister Bearing

6529 1x Ceiling Bracket for Projector (Max 50lbs) (other projector mount choice)

6542 2x Keystone Jack - Modular F Type (White)

6547 4x Keystone Jack - Modular RCA w/Orange Center (White)

6727 1x Wall Plate for Keystone, 2 Hole - White (ceiling projector - HDMI and Cat5 for control)

6729 2x Wall Plate for Keystone, 3 Hole - White (front left and front right- 2 banana and 1 rca each)

6733 2x Wall Plate for Keystone, 6 Hole - White (one front mid and one at the back)

6839 1x Speaker Bracket - Black (Max 33LBS) - Set of 2 (Rev. 2.1) (future ceiling 7.1 speakers)

6852 2x Keystone Jack - HDMI® Female to Female Coupler Adapter (White)

6907 1x 3-Gang 7.1 Surround Sound Distribution Wall Plate w/ HDMI®

7296 2x RJ-12 110 Type 90 Keystone Jack - White

8434 3x Keystone Jack - Banana Jack w/Black Ring (Screw Type) - White

8436 3x Keystone Jack - Banana Jack w/Red Ring (Screw Type) - White

There are 2 projector mounts on the list because I can't decide. Please let me know if I've left off anything glaringly obvious, and that I'm decently future-proofed.

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