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So in the past year, I have upgraded my aging 5.1 bose system and it was so addicting to get more added onto my home theater build (Even though honestly I don't have any room in this house). I'm currently on vacation in Vietnam right now and seeing the stores with mixers / amps / karaoke setups, I am now determined to finally complete it.

So first off, here is what I have so far.

Tv - 55" Ultravision Hitatchi Plasma

Fronts - Rti12

Rear - Rti4

Center - CSi5

Subwoofer - BIC F12

Receiver - Onkyo 818

Computer - 1st Gen i5 laptop, 4gb ram plugged in via hdmi

Karaoke will be used when family is over (minimal), hometheater use maybe one a week, and music everyday (dad wants to just listen to music)

- Room dimensions I do not know at the moment because I am currently not home, I'm just hoping to get stuff planned or even buy stuff here in Vietnam to bring home -

I have a budget of $2500 and I have the following to ask.

1. Should I get wireless mics? I'm seeing a good reviewed four piece system GTD Audio 4 wireless mics for 329 dollars on amazon. Because I see wiring 4 mics to a mixer would be downright messy. If yes, would this be a good one? Or should I look at alternatives.

2. Since I would have four wireless mics, I would need a mixer. My plan, if I were to get wireless mics, was to connect the mics to the mixer, then have my computer to one, and the dvd/laser disc to another. However, I do not know what mixer I should get. I was looking for a usb mixer. They're selling this in vietnam for ~ 250 dollars, however I looked at amazon and the model was 279 dollars . I did research and it seemed like the best one at that price range, I would be able to plug it into my computer via usb as a recording device, and I would be able to output it via rca cables to my receiver. [Also, as I'm music orientated and stream, I could use this] Do you guys have any recommendations on a mixer or an alternative setup?

3. So I'm looking at an amp as well. The XPA-5 isn't being sold anymore (they're getting replaced by 2nd gen xpa line) and they're 999! Are there any places to buy refurbished or used emotiva products? There are none in my local listing on craigslist and I can't find anything on ebay. I was thinking instead getting the XPA-3 for 619, as I don't think my bookshelves speakers need to be powered by amps and the onkyo 818 is enough. However I read that people regretted this decision and bought an xpa 2 later on. What is your opinion on this? Thanks.

4. I need to replace my TV. I've been seeing these deals for 700 55" led tvs and stuff and now I'm willing to pull the trigger on one of these. I have enough room space for a 60-65" tv. Or, I can get a projector. The room is going to be lit from the surrounding rooms. Why do people use projectors instead of tvs? Just for the bigger screen size I assume? Would it be useless if I'm only limited within a 60-70" or so range?

5. I've searched these forums already and people have had the same question, however it wasn't really answered and I don't know if you guys can help me here. I'm looking at karaoke programs and a place or service to get songs. I looked at The karaoke channel, it looks nice, however as a web based UI it kind of ruins the feel, I don't mind to pay for the online pass. There is a nicer looking xbox version, however the problem is I can't connect my mics to the xbox. Do you guys know any place to get karaoke songs? If not, if I were to rip say a thousand or so songs with their cdg file, do you guys know a good program to organize it. Something like itunes, clean and sleak.

6. Should I invest in a better sub and rears? Or will the xpa-3 powered fronts be good enough with the sub to handle any extra booms. I was thinking about getting a Klipsch RW12D, but would it be worth it over my current setup? Also for the rears, the bookshelf speakers are hung near the ceiling, however they're not pointed directly at the listener. Should I get something like this as a replacement? OWM5

Thanks in advanced. If you have any questions to ask me please do. I will get pictures of the room up and info when I get home [with plenty of questions]

I will be getting home mid July.
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