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600hz from plasma and 120-240 hz from LCD are two different technology's, i will explain each as best i can.

LCD has not been perfected and most probably will never be so with problems like response rate no matter what anyone tells you the LCD response rate affects the image performance in regards to motion accuracy and clarity.

Movies are only recorded and displayed in 24 fps which is the global specific setting for the movie and film industry but our eyes are able to see up to 60-100, so what the LCD manufacturers have done is created a type of filter that generates predicted frames between real frames.

What this does is gives the picture in movies a more clear and smooth image, 120hz inserts 1 frame with every real frame (24 increased to 48) and 240hz adds 3 frames with every real frame (24 increased to 96).

When you ask 120hz vs 240hz it really comes down to how well the engine has been done and how well the prediction frames are generated (also known as interpolation), 120hz could look better than 240hz but 240hz tends to have a lower error rate but you should always let your eyes decide as different companies will have a different effect due to the nature of the code.

With plasmas its a totally different road, 600hz is the standard spec with current plasma's today but really this is called the sub field drive and what this does is repeats every image 10 times (60hz x 10 = 600), the effect from this gives the plasma a super fast response time of 0.001ms which removes any ghosting that results from high response time and this technology can only be achieved with plasma's.

So with the response time at instant this gives the best clarity with every frame but still not perfect, companies like Panasonic have its own interpolation software called intelligent frame creation which is essentially 120hz adding 1 predicted frame with every real frame.

Because the response time is already so good the interpolation engine does not need to be as advanced as LCD does and produces a brilliant sharp and clear picture which is hard to beat by any technology.

Hope this clears things up
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