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I have a Akai model PDP4206EM. my problem is when I turn on the tv power light turn red and just turned off by itself and won't turn back on. After the red indicator light for power but does not appear will not turn on. Can not turn on .No display . No sound .

I opened plasma AKAI and i check the power supply voltage is OK...

I check Check Y, Z b/dinput voltage(5V, Va, Vs) is OK......

I check (capacitor, FET, a kind of IC, resistor)inside with naked eyes is OK...

I check Check all FUSES and SW1 is OK.....

I try to disable Z-sus B/D Fuse F1 (Vs FUSE 4A) to test and turn back on and not shutdown.

Only just the problem with the colors, I saw the shadow and the sound was fine.

Let me know if the problem can be Z-sus or other component?

can someone tell me the solution


sorry for my english
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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