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Plasma Intermittently Shows Half-Screen

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Does anyone know what could possibly cause a plasma set (50" Philips 50FD9955, manufactured by NEC) to intermittently have the top-half of the screen black, while the bottom half is OK?

It is usually fine, but every so often this occurs. As time has passed, it has been occuring more frequently...sometimes maddeningly so. It doesn't matter what input is being used, either. Sometimes it lasts for a second or two, sometimes for 15 minutes or more.

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If you are still under warranty - have it checked out before the warranty runs out. There have been some posts with a similar issue with the panasonics - but a shift to the left with part of the picture black.

Here is a link to the panny thread:


Thanks, JCPZero, but I'm not worried about the warranty; Philips actually bought the unit back from me (I still get to keep it!)

I just want to know what the problem could be.

wow, this is a nice move from Philips! You get the money + you keep the plasma...
Yes, my hat's off to Philips for their outstanding customer service in this matter. Within three-four weeks of the initial contact with their customer service dept, I had a big fat check. Of course, it helps to live in the boondocks with no service facilities!

Originally posted by mbd_int
You get the money + you keep the plasma...
or 1/2 plasma, to be exact.:)

I am not sure, but it could be a problem with the circuitry which drives the panel.

It may be time to retire this puppy.
Haha...it's much more than 1/2 plasma...it's fine 99% of the time.

50" plasmas have two sets of driver electronics: one for each horizontal half of the screen

so one set of video electronics (probably one circuit board) is going bad

Sounds like the glass is OK

It is probably repairable if you could get it serviced by a good tech with access to parts
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