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Hello to everyone,

I just signed up and boy is this exciting. I've been wanting to be a part of this for some time now. Waiting and saving up for about 2 years for a new HDTV and theater system.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Here are my circumstances:

I'd like a 50-52 inch HDTV for under $2500 and a home theater system for under $500.

The system will go into the living room to be shared by my wife, me and our two sons.

The boys love playing video games but we will limit their use on this new addition (it's for all to use). The conditions in the living room are windows opposite the TV so direct

Sunlight will hit it even when the shades are closed (my wife loves the sun). At night there is always someone with a lamp on or indirect light coming in from the kitchen.

At night there shouldn't be much of a problem with glare. Daytime TV watching is

usually limited to weekends. Most evenings the TV is on from 5pm-11pm. We just got the Direct TV HD package (I borrowed a friends 26 inch Sony HD so they could hook things up). Most of our TV watching will be HD broadcast tv shows with some Blueray movies and up converted DVD's from a PS3. We're not huge sports fans although I do enjoy an occasional football game or tennis match. Also of course the occasional video games for the boys. I can't decide between a plasma or lcd. I've read both good and not so good from both camps and the stores are no help to me. A tv will look good in this store and bad in the next. I feel the home environment is the only true test. So I leave it up to you to guide me. Lastly, what is best, local or mail order. Well I'm sure you've heard enough from me and I'd love to hear back from you.

Thank you in advance,

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