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plasma over 50"

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I am trying to find a plasma tv over 50" EDTV that is decent in price and quaility. This is going to be our family room tv. I have no choice but to go with plasma over the fireplace due to our design of the room. So can go with RPTV etc.

Any brands that are in the 60" plasma range around $4000-$5000.

I am building a Home Theather and will put nice A/V system there.

Thanks in advance for all the inputs
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The quick answer is no. The closest you will find are the 55 inch screens. About $8000.00 on line. The next best value is the 65 inch Panny plasma as they have broken the $10,000 dollar price barrier.
Searched on the net and found Zenith 60" plasmas to be in the $6000.00

Are they a worthy condender.
Yes for size but oder model poorer black level. A big gray black ghost. Buy if only size matters.
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