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I have a little bit of information on this...but not super clear yet. I have a Panasonic Th-42PHD6 Plasma Monitor. It is a version that does not have a DVI nor a HDMI connection. There are four inputs...simple Video In (cables), Component Video / RGB (also cables), PC RGB /Component (HD D-Sub 15 Pin Connection, and A Serial Port (for computer input also).

My question is relating to finding a way to connect a HDMI connection from a Blu Ray Play or regular upscaling DVD player...to my plasma. My receiver (Denon 3801) also is one generation old too...no HDMI or DVI inputs or outputs...just component video.

I think the PC RGB D-Sub 15 Pin Connection should be digital..and not a VGA input...but unsure since I am not an electonics person. Wouldn't this type of input be digital...? Shouldn't I be able to simple use an adaptor to connect to this 15 pin connector (DVI to 15 Pin Connector) and then a HDMI cable with DVI connection?

Does this make sense...should this work?
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