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plasma res. video card PCIe

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I have an Imagine Graphics Pixel Perfect card that is AGP. However, I am considering upgrading my PC. I dont want to go back to powerstrip. Can anyone recommend a PCIe video card that has plasma resolutions?

My plasma is 1366 X 768.
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not sure what you want but nvidia has great driver support for HDTV resolutions including underscan adjustment
Depends on the resolution of your Plasma.

Mine is 1366x768. 1366 is not a multiple of 8. Only NVidia handles this correctly. ATI settings show 1366, but actually deliver 1360 and repeat the 1360 column 6 times causing distortion. This is unusable for Video. I have no idea if this is a hardware or software issue.

NVidia does 1366 perfectly. I had loads of problems with stutter and tearing with a 6600GT AGP. Since then, I went to PCI-Express 6800GT. The 6800 works very well. No tearing or stuttering on Overlay, but there are some problems with VMR with TheaterTek 2.06. TT 2.1 is coming with with support for Renderless mode.

Many say the 6600GT PCI-Express works well.

-- Rich
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nvidia can do non multiples of 8

I use 1177x662 when underscanning 720p to fit on my screen

but I am using the built in driver support
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