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plasma tv like projector

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being a plasma user for 5 years, i have always love its colors and deep black levels. 


we are now building a new home and got a extra space for a home theater. 


which digital projector has the same picture quality has plasma like performance? with deep blacks?



i have friends who have panasonic projectors they bought 3 years ago. i forgot to ask what model are they but i was not impressed by the color. looks pale when compared to plasma.


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Let's start off by saying that the quality you should expect will be in line with the quality of the room you put it into.

Projectors aren't plasmas, they don't emit light, they project light on a screen and more often than not, people have cruddy rooms.

So, start right:

No windows or 100% blackout shades/curtains are a must.

Lights must be 100% off when in use, and if you do want any lights on, they should be directional and over the seating area.

Wall colors, ceiling colors, and carpet colors must be dark. Deep red, blue, brown, grey... or black. No exceptions for best results.

Question this? Go to your local movie theater and look around for the light colored stuff.

Then get a JVC RS46 or a Sony HW50ES. Something that has really good black levels and solid performance overall.

Put it up on a minimal gain screen of reasonable size.

Be prepared to be impressed.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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