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Plasma Wallpapers.... Oh yeah Neo is in the house...

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Every once in a while I will pop in and put some images in here that will fit 1080p and 768p screen sizes... Enjoy...

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Thanks! I'll have to try those out!
Those are great, now if only my HDTV were native 1920x1080....
Your tv will scale the pics to it's native res...which I'm guessing is 768p
I have a 1080p pc monitor and they look good but I dont notice any loss in quality on my 58" 768p plasma... Yep I am sure the pic is scaled but I cant tell..

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now how do I get them on my 42 in panny 600U?
pop them on a memory card that your tv is compatable with and view them with the pic view. My panny has a SD slot right on the front of the tv.
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as does mine!

Where can i get more picks like this? I think it would be cool to just let them slide show while having company over.
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I did find these pics online but I used an Adobe CS2 professional program to get them to the desired size. Then once I got them to size I touched them up where needed. That is exactly what I am doing is creating a slide show I will be posting up my slide show as I make it.
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Where are you getting these high-res photo sources from?
That first shot is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bummelicious!
Well the first one is a picture of my wife.
The rest are images that I have found online at verious places and I have edited them to size and sharpness. I actually had to lower the quality of a couple because of the file hosting allows me to 1.5mb max. So a few of the shots are actually amazing compared to what I posted. They all are great though.

I am also very picky about what files I edit. So the origonal must have the proper detail for me to put the time into editing. If you guys want to make a sticky out of a thread like this.. Thats cool with me I just need access to add more pics as I add them.

Adobe CS2 is what I use...
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Originally Posted by Frost147 /forum/post/0

That first shot is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bummelicious!

A little "nip" slippage, too.
Cripes, c.h.r.i.s. - you must have some vision on ya! I confess I was more taken with those "nether regions"
yep, when you can see the goose bumps you know its good... It looks good in t he pc but on your plasma its just mouth watering... If I am ever going to have image retention? That would be the image that I would want burned in my Panny... LOL

The last one with the girl in a flowered top just pops out like if she is 3D. I think its the blurred background that does it.
Static image?
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