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Plasmas, AV Stores and Idiocy?....

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Someone please s'plain me somethin.'

Why are the displays at Audio Visual stores generally so poorly thought out and presented?

Why, if they are trying to sell TV screens based on the quality of the display, have the stores rarely taken the time to calibrate the screens?

I mean, usually the display is so off that even a duffus like me could take one minute to improve it

considerably. It's not like they don't have the time - usually these stores are filled with salesman leaning on shelves chatting until a customer comes in, at which point they descend.

What's amazing is that this seems true not only at the low/mid-fi retail levels, but also at the high-end.

Which brings me to my experience checking out plasma screens.

I continually read that a progressive scan DVD picture is superior to an interlaced picture on a plasma. Why then has every single plasma display I've seen been hooked up to a run of the mill, interlaced DVD player? This is in stores that have shelves full of progressive scan DVD players - big signs touting them and all.

I've often asked the salesmen: "Why aren't you displaying this expensive screen with a progressive scan DVD player, which I understand will provide a better picture?"

Every time I've been met with a slightly bemused,

non-comprehending stare, and a comment that amounts to "uh..I don't know."

Another line that salesman tell me over and over about the screens on display (even those that have been displayed for months): "This picture is right out of the box, we haven't even calibrated the display yet..."

Well, why the heck not, dimwit? Look at the manual. Calibrate the thing!

Can anyone out there give me some insight into this seemingly self-defeating behavior?


Rich H.
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There is no answer other than simple laziness and ineptitude. Sadly, this is far from the only retail venue with the problem.

My pet peeve is car shopping. I find it astonishing that I can walk into a car dealership and get fed a line of "bs" on features etc. I have a full-time job, a number of hobbies, and I know more about the product he sells than he does. I've had guys tell me V-12 engines were V-8s. Be unable to even open the trunk or hood of cars on the showroom floor.

Ok. I've vented.
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