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My room serves as a bedroom, an 'office' (so to speak), a media room, and increasingly, a gym. I have a 47" TV, a 7.1 sound system with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding, an Xbox One S with Kinect and the Kinect for Windows adapter, and several games that use the Kinect and that involve exercise. At times, those games require me to jump. The problem is that there's some floor flex when I land, so I've been instructed not to jump, in order to avoid damaging the structure of the house. In order to see for myself the floor flex, I had my mother jump a few times while I went downstairs to the room beneath my room, and I noticed the ceiling flex up and down a bit as she jumped. I'd like to fix this so that I can jump while exercise gaming. I did some research but all that I've found so far assumes that I have access to the floor's joists or trusses and can strengthen them (Fixing Bouncy Floors (DIY)), or that I can glue a new layer of wood to the top of the floor (6 Ways to Stiffen a Bouncy Floor --> go to #4). I can do neither of those things because I'm not the homeowner and I can neither open up the ceiling in the room below in order to access the joists or trusses, nor can I remove the carpeting in this room in order to glue on a new layer of flooring. I've looked at flooring that I can put down on top of the existing carpet when needed, and then remove afterwards (The Best 8 Home Gym Floors of 2020), but I'm unsure whether or not mats or tiles, whether foam or wood, would dissipate the impact of me landing, lessening or eliminating that impact, even if several of those mats or tiles were horizontally interlocked.
Then, I thought about building some kind of platform, probably wooden, that I would exercise on, and then I remembered seeing this thread, and I thought that maybe I could build a platform that I could exercise on and might also contain subwoofer drivers and/or transducers! I suppose that it might be a combination exercise platform and BOSS platform, but I'm not terribly familiar with exactly what a BOSS platform is, so I don't know if it'd be correct to call it a BOSS platform. I'd place it on top of the existing carpeted floor and leave it there. It would not be attached or glued to the floor underneath. I would try to make it so that it doesn't damage the carpet underneath it. It would need to be at least 6 feet wide by 6 feet deep, and probably bigger in both dimensions, but it can't be very tall, because I don't want to lose much headroom (the distance from the top of my head to the ceiling).
When I want to watch a TV show, a movie, or play a sit-down game on my home theater system, I'd place my chair on top of the platform. When I want to exercise or do games that involve motion, I'd remove the chair.
Please let me know if this is possible and, if so, how to do it.
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