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Play music from android-device vio Pioneer VSX-528

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I own a Pioneer VSX-528 for which i've got a 5.0 surroundsystem hooked up. On top of this i also own a Galaxy Note 3 which i would like to be able to play music from. I took for granted that there would be an aux-connection in the front, but it doesn't seem to be one - only a headphone-jack (which doesn't allow playing music via the speakers). The usb connection seems to only be able to play music from an I-Device, which i don't own. 


So my question is: How do i play music from my phone via the receiver to the speakers without having to connect everyting wireless with apps and stuff, just a simple cable-connection?




P.S - pardon any grammatics-errors, my main language is not english.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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