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Play Music from Network drives

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I am looking for a device to play audio (ripped CDs, mp3s, etc.) from a Network drive (ReadyNAS). Up til now, I've have been using a CD changer, Nirvis software and Slink-e to play my CD collection. There is no longer any support for the Slink-e or Nirvis, so I've taken the opportunity to start ripping and copying my collection to a ReadyNAS and I would like a device that can do the following:

1) Have a built in web server and/or client software that can act as a digital jukebox (make playlists, maintain my library, etc) with an easy to use UI that even my wife would be happy to use.

2) Output a digital audio signal (add'l analog is OK too)

3) Be able to be accessed from any computer on my home network to play music. I don't need to output the music to multiple sources, just from the one device to my processor.

I already have use an IO-Data player to stream my video. I am just looking for an audio streaming device that can be used like a digital jukebox meeting the above criteria.

I've done some searching here, but mostly found discussions of video streaming. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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